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Panos Petropoulos serves as the CEO & Managing Director of Mondial Telecom, a market-leading Fixed Mobile Unifications partner with over a decade of software development experience that offers several Tier 1 implementations and innovative patents. Panos directly manages their P&L team.

Panos first entered the realm of entrepreneurship while studying for his General Management degree at INSEAD. From there, he went on to play a pivotal role in growing a number of successful ventures. These included Foto.com, which Panos guided into an industry leadership position. By the end of his tenure, Foto.com was one of the top three biggest players in its European market, pulling in $25M in revenue. Panos also expanded MOO beyond its home in the UK, directing its efforts to penetrate continental Europe and establish a formidable presence. His time with Mondial Telecom has yielded equally impressive advances.

Panos’ love for business began as a general passion for education. He knew for a long time that he wanted to study the topic. Business struck him as a child as unchartered territory that offered the thrill of the unknown, given that his own family had no background in the field. Panos was thrilled by the unknown and became determined to learn more. Prior to beginning his studies at INSEAD, he completed his undergraduate degree in biology and then worked for the European Commission – this is where he laid the foundation in navigating international situations that would become crucial to his agility as a business leader later. Once in business school, he built out a substantial body of technical knowledge the continues to inform his thoughts to this day.

Given his own highly formative education, Panos is personally invested in better understanding the both the importance and the relationship between education and upbringing. Given his academic background in human biology and genetics, he has always nurtured a healthy curiosity for how people become who they are. This keen interest has typically taken a back seat to his professional endeavors, but that deep-seated desire to learn more persists unabated.

As a father himself, Panos understands well that parents have a responsibility to do what is best for the children within both reason and their means. Although nature certainly plays a significant part in how a child develops, the way in which they are nurtured is not to be undervalued. It can be very important for the final outcome and is far from negligible (especially in early childhood development). Therefore, it is a parent’s responsibility to do everything they can – not to work against nature, but with it, to achieve the child’s brightest possible future.