Technology In Education

When you think about the presence of technology in a classroom are you thinking about students on the cell phones during a lesson or students doing research for a project on tablets? It’s a rather controversial debate amongst parents and teachers alike. On one side you have those who feel technology in the classroom is a distraction which will result in less engagement and poor grades. On the other hand, you have those who feel using technology to educate students is a progressive way for them to learn and typically results in higher engagement. Let’s talk about the benefits of technology in the classroom.

For one, having technology in the classroom such as an iPad, smart board, or laptops immediately makes learning more interesting and fun for students. When you introduce students to virtual lessons through presentations and videos, they become more engaged in the lesson. More often than not students would prefer to learn through visual aspects such as smart board presentations or videos as opposed to run of the mill text book lessons, in most cases it increases the comprehension level for students.

Technology has given us the ability to have access to an abundance of information at the drop of a hat! Where we once had to find answers to our questions sifting through books we can now gather a plethora of information from a single source, the internet. Any information you wish to find is so readily accessible that it makes for a more efficient education.

There’s a vast amount of educational technology out there, such as apps, that enhance the student learning experience. Often times teachers use these apps as a form of extra help for underperforming students. Apps are a great way for students to expand their knowledge ahead of the curriculum!

A large portion of careers require a certain extent of technological skill. By introducing software and technology to children at a younger age, it sets them up to be both proficient and competent in their future endeavors. The general consensus here is that we want children to be engaged when learning and ultimately we wish for them to be successful, and by incorporating technology into the core curriculum, it makes for a more enjoyable environment for students.