Why Childhood Education Should Start Before School Does ?

While most governments, international aid organizations and parents understand the importance of investing in childhood education, new research shows that early intervention during pre-school years is extremely important. According to research in the field of neuroscience, 90% of the architecture of the human brain is developed by the time a child is 5 years old. So it’s important to start your child on a great educational path right from the beginning. While proper nutrition, lots of love and security are exceedingly important during the years before your children head off to primary school, giving them the mental stimulation they need during this time is crucial to helping them become the best that they can be. There are a couple of ways in which parents can help their child start learning the right way.
Get Your Child Excited About Learning!
You don’t need to train your 3-year-old to read like Roald Dahl’s fictional child heroine Matilda, but helping your young children get interested in the sounds and shapes of words as early as possible is a fantastic way to start them on their voyage of discovery. By showing your children, that the sounds of new words and the shapes of letters that help create them interests you; you can convey a sense of excitement about learning. Remember, positive feedback is essential! So each time your children learn something new, show them that you are a proud and happy mommy or daddy. After a while, they will naturally feel that learning is positive and exciting and you will soon find that they are eager to learn.
Help Your Child Develop Their Identity!
Babies are completely unaware of how the world works and how they stand in relation to society. Young children can be guided at an early age to understanding their place in the world in relation to their rights and appropriate social behaviour.
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